Migration from Sage 50 to QuickBooks: What Data Can You Move?

Sage 50 to QuickBooks Data Migration

Both Sage 50 and QuickBooks are among the most popular accounting software choices for small businesses across Canada. Many companies use Sage 50 because it has features they either need or think they need, such as project accounting or consolidated financial statements (multi-company accounting). However, as the business grows, QuickBook’s numerous third-party app integrations, ease of use, and familiarity for accounting professionals become more appealing.

A few questions worth considering with such a conversion from Sage to QuickBooks are:

  1. What types of data can one migrate?
  2. Could a Sage 50 data migration cause data errors or data loss?

Any data migration project comes with a risk of data corruption, data loss or downtime. However, if you work with an experienced Sage to QuickBooks data conversion partner, these risks can be minimized.

What Data Can You Move?

Migrating from one accounting system to another is hard. Many people erroneously believe that this type of migration is merely exporting journal entries from one system and putting them into another. And while it is true that accounting systems use journals under-the-hood, conventional accounting systems abstract many of these complexities away from their end-users. Additionally, there’s much more to migrate for modern accounting systems like invoice templates, customer contacts, vendor data, tax rules, payroll, etc. Indeed, comprehensive accounting suites like Sage and QuickBooks have all this data.

Here’s what you can migrate:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Customer data
  • Supplier data
  • Transactions
  • Historical data
  • Payroll information (QuickBooks Payroll is a much more automated solution than what Sage offers)

You can read about some of the data that can be moved from Sage 50 to QuickBooks on this link

Except for Sage-specific third-party integrations or customizations, almost all data could be moved to QuickBooks. Some data transfers may require adjustments or entries in a different format to accommodate the QuickBooks format. However, this can be achieved fairly successfully by a data migration expert who understands the inner workings of both platforms well.

As you can see, it is possible to migrate most data to QuickBooks.

Can I Use a QuickBooks Conversion Tool?

Many QuickBooks conversion tools online claim to make it easy to migrate from one platform to another. While you can try these, they often don’t lead to the results your business will need. These tools may work for small companies with straightforward books, but they seldom work in a way that truly encompasses all the nuanced financials that many companies have.

There’s also the question of data integrity. Suppose you use one of the QuickBooks conversion tools and find out that your P/L statements are different after conversion. Why are they different? Where did the software make a mistake?

An error on your current P/L statement might be obvious, but what about if the conversion tool mistakenly messed up some customer data. You may not notice that until many days or months after using the new system!

While you can use a QuickBooks conversion tool, it’s almost always better to have experts handle the conversion for you from a practical perspective. Professionals know what to look for and can ensure that the data is 100% correct in the new system, thereby avoiding issues altogether!

Data Conversion Migration: Trust the Experts

For businesses currently using Sage 50 and looking for a way to use QuickBooks, the good news is that most of the data is convertible. However, you’ll want experts in this area to ensure the data conversion is correct. Trusting your business-critical data to some arbitrary conversion script is risky for most companies. 

At SaaS Direct, we can handle the migration from Sage 50 to QuickBooks for you, including both a Sage to QuickBooks online migration and Sage to QuickBooks desktop. Our experts can provide you with a quote for an error-free migration. Please get in touch with us today!