QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: What is it? How is it? and Who is it for?


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an accounting system that is used in a wide range of industries to grow businesses. Incorporating this software in your business provides tools for managing inventory and accounting data, running the company payroll, generating reports, and tracking sales. 

Why QuickBooks?

Over 29 million small businesses use QuickBooks in the U.S. as their preferred accounting software. Out of this, most businesses choose QuickBooks Enterprise because it’s the most powerful, seamless, advanced end-to-end accounting software solution in the industry. 

Thanks to the add-on features, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can easily scale up with your business; therefore, you don’t have to switch to another software as your company grows.

There are various QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise versions available in the market today: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each of these variants comes with special additional features to grow your business. 

In this article, we will look at what QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is, the four variants, how they work and which industries use this software.

How Does QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Work?

With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, businesses enjoy advanced inventory management, advanced pricing, advanced reporting, enhanced pick, pack & ship process, e-commerce integration, better job costing and field service management.

Businesses using QuickBooks Enterprise can have a maximum of 40 users and up to 100,000 financial accounts. Unlike QuickBooks Online, this version provides the option to purchase remote access add-ons.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

This is the most customizable and powerful version of all the QuickBooks for large businesses that need to deal with complex financial processes. QuickBooks Enterprise is more easily scalable. 

It builds on Premier Plus with the most advanced inventory, reporting and pricing capabilities along with VIP membership and premium customer support service. 

In the year 2022, QuickBooks added the following features to its already rich arsenal. 

  • Bills approvals workflow
  • Enhanced computing power (64-bit)
  • Enhanced schedule and pay bills process &
  • Sales order fulfillment worksheet 

What Are the Four Variants of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has four variants which are categorized based on the accounting data features you get. While Silver, Gold and Platinum plans come with an annual subscription, Diamond is monthly priced. Let’s take a look at their pricing for one user. Depending on the business need, you can pay up to 40 licensed users. 

QB Enterprise Sliver$1,340 per year*
QB Enterprise Gold$1,740 per year*
QB Enterprise Platinum$2,140 per year*
QB Enterprise Diamond$4,200 per year*
*SaaS Direct customers get special discounts. Contact our team for exclusive pricing.

Each of these variants comes in handy if you need to implement data migration in the business. Let’s look at how each of their functions, their distinct features, and the industries they fit in.


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Silver variant will help you manage your accounting data and comes with all the features of an accounting software. This variant is a perfect choice if you are looking for a simple software and an affordable option.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver has some key features, including,

  • Automated updates
  • Around the clock support
  • Advanced reporting with auto-filled templates
  • Cloud service

However, it does not have advanced inventory and advanced pricing features.  

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Silver can be used in manufacturing, distribution, non-profit, wholesale, retail, and contractors.


QuickBooks Enterprise Gold comes with the same features as the silver along with some additional features, including

  • Advanced reporting
  • Cloud service
  • Enhanced payroll management and processing

This Gold variant is also used in manufacturing, distribution, retail and professional services.


The Platinum variant is a perfect data migration tool if your business needs industry-specific features. This variant has features for manufacturers, supply chain businesses, contractors and retailers, including

  • Automated updates
  • Advanced reporting
  • Cloud service
  • Advanced inventory
  • Advanced payroll management 
  • Advanced pricing

Because of these features, this variant can track sales orders and receipts, create industry-specific reports and provide real-time inventory data. 


Of all the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise variants, Diamond is the most powerful, advanced and flexible solution for your accounting data. It comes with the best features, add-ons, functionalities, and integrations. With the Diamond variant, businesses get:

  • Advanced pricing
  • Advanced inventory
  • Advanced reporting
  • Employee timesheet tracking with an add-on
  • Managed payroll services at an additional fee
  • QuickBooks integration with Salesforce CRM
  • A maximum of 40 accounts

The Diamond variant is used in different industries because of the advanced features. You can even enable the contractor’s edition with the Diamond variant and leverage an abundance of critical features such as

  • Attach documents to transactions
  • Estimates
  • Receipt management
  • Bill and PO workflow approvals
  • Job costing
  • Contractor Chart of Accounts
  • Payment screen search options
  • Work/change orders

And powerful reporting capabilities including but not limited to

  • Cost-to- complete
  • Billed hours by a person & by job
  • Sales by job
  • Expenses not assigned to jobs
  • Unpaid bills by job

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